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Our Services & Solutions

Caribbean HR Solutions is the Caribbean's premier HR Outsourcing company specializing in Executive Search, Recruiting and High Volume Staffing, Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) and Payroll & Benefits Administration services. We provide a unique approach to HR Outsourcing that will allow you to focus more on your core business and leave the people matters to us.

Our comprehensive set of HR solutions provides support to SMEs needing HR expertise as well as large entities desirous of a full outsourced HR model that can also include Consulting.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Whether you need a partial or full outsourced model, our HRO solution is fully customizable enabling you to choose the level of HR support you need. Our all-inclusive HR service includes Payroll & Benefits Administration, Employee Relations Support, and Compensation Design and Recruiting. Our clients receive solid people data at an affordable price point, while their staff enjoys the responsive, accurate support from our knowledgeable staff.

Having access to local HR expertise is a critical element of building and growing a business, and a solid knowledge of labor laws can avoid demise to new businesses as well as mature players in the market. Having immediate and consistent access to our team of HR experts will ensure your business’ success. Our team includes specialists in Global HR Strategic Management, Recruiting & Exec Search staff, Compensation & Benefits Analysts, and Payroll Management.

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How we help

Our HRO solution is fully customizable, all-inclusive HR service enabling you to choose how much or how little HR support you need. On the front-end, client receive solid people data and value-added HR expertise; on the back-end, staff receive accurate information and responsive, on-demand service, all within an affordable cost structure.

Our HR Outsourcing service is an All-inclusive solution that can be customized to meet your needs. It includes the following services:

1. HR Program Management via On/Off-site HR Employee Relations Officers
2. Access to our World-class recruiting team
3. Automated Payroll Administration
4. Compensation & Benefits Management

Executive Recruiting

To fill leadership and hard-to-fill roles, Caribbean HR Solutions performs targeted recruitment and search services on contract upon request. We know it is hard to find right-fit leaders who will complement your organizational culture. We have helped many companies fill those hard-to-fill positions, so that they can focus more on their core functions.

Our Executive recruiters have solid experience sourcing for a variety of industries, and have filled positions for both local and overseas companies. We take the hassle of locating these professionals using our tried and proven headhunting methods to ensure that you have high specialized and/or skilled personnel within your organization. We use the latest technologies in skills and psychometric assessments so you can base your hiring decisions on objective data.

Our process includes:

  • Credible, market-based compensation advice
  • A customized database of applicants via applicant tracking system for future hiring campaigns
  • Targeted methods to approach both job-seekers and passive candidates
  • Psychometric, Leadership & Skills assessments via our Computer-based lab and via remote e-access
  • Immediate access to our growing talent network
    From assisting you to develop job descriptions to providing customized advice on compensation packages, Caribbean HR Solutions provides a customized solution to ensure you hire the best talent available in the shortest time.

Payroll & Benefits Outsourcing

Whether you are looking for a solution for a small staff of 10 or outsourcing payroll processes for complex multiple sites of 500 or more employees, our payroll processes deliver high performance, accuracy and ease in accounting and payroll processing.   

From regular payroll processing to off-cycle payments, including the payment of taxes, and submission of payroll year-ends reports, the end result is a consistent service to you and your employees.  With custom reporting and analytics, our Accountants and Payroll Analysts are empowered to find, analyze and output the information needed to support any growing operation.

Our proven payroll controls, time and attendance tools, and customized reports combined with the use of leading payroll software ensure a reliable process for your company.  

What we can do

Benefits of using our service include:

  • Relief from Administrative Burden.  Outsourcing the payroll function will relieve the burden of tedious administrative, routine responsibilities enabling you to concentrate on your prime objective:  growing your business!
  • Substantial Cost Savings in salaries, software costs, software maintenance costs, communications, training, stationery and space costs.
  • Focus on your business – knowing that your payroll is being handled accurately and efficiently.
  • Flexibility – expanding or contracting, we can quickly adapt to your changing needs without you having to recruit or release staff. Let our team adjust quickly to changes in your headcount.
  • Accuracy – we know the importance of getting it right the first time, every time.

Employment Agency

Looking for a stable, constant supply of pre-screened workers? Need to have an unrestricted supply of temporary workers that are accessible and available when you need them?  We understand that your production staff drives the revenue of your business.We are the right partner to meet your staffing needs for a variety of industries ranging from factories to service centers and engineers. By leveraging our world-class technology and networks, our recruiters can attract, hire and help retain right-fit talent for your organization.

Do you need an outsourced Staffing Partner?

If so, our experienced team, solid HR processes and latest technology allow us to deliver a complete staffing solution, whether it is providing a contingent staffing program or conducting direct placement searches.

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With our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service, we employ your staff as our very own and foster a professional and value-oriented culture that will have your staff performing progressively. Caribbean HR Solutions follows best practices that are relevant so you easily retain your best talent

Workforce Management (WFM):
Our Workforce Management service incorporates all the activities, processes, and tools needed to manage your staff. A comprehensive WFM system includes meeting with our clients to effectively plan, forecast, schedule, track employees to optimize the balance of organizational, employee, labor laws and customer needs.

Manpower Services:
We provide strategic Human Capital Management services for companies in Jamaica. We help ensure successful management and growth by ensuring the best staff are recruited and retained to operate your business.

Outsourced People Management:
Our knowledge and experience helping overseas companies understand the complications of Jamaican employment law has been crucial to them setting up their business in Jamaica. We can support your business as a fully outsourced HR function, whilst helping you get the most out of your staff. Our HR services are supported by an automated HR platform for managing your staff and which is a good resource for streamlining your HR processes.

How we can help

Our contingent staff solution includes:

  • Recruiting
  • Payroll
  • Benefits & Rewards
  • Performance Management
  • Employer Relations Programs
  • Employer Branding Campaigns
  • And more

We’ve covered all the bases to bring the right talent to your door and keep them there!

Leave the people matters to us!

High Volume Recruiting

We apply a robust recruitment process to filling client open job requisitions via our recruiting centre. Industry-leading technical solutions are implemented to both improve the quality of candidates selected as well as improve efficiency in supporting fast ramp targets. Caribbean HR Solutions also manages online and print media ads to ensure regional ‘reach’ so the best talent is recruited from across the Caribbean. Our psychometric assessments and testing centers ensures that only candidates with the right skills and personalities are selected.  In-depth interviews based on your job profiles are conducted in our center or at your site. Reference checks are completed and form part of the New Hire file for all hired staff. Security, credit, and drug screens are also made available.

Benefits Include

  • Improved quality of candidates for sales, customer service,  line staff and leadership positions  
  • Sustained  number of new recruits per month   
  • The liberation of your current internal recruiting resources so you can focus on your core business  
  • Ability to leverage Caribbean HR Solutions’ multiple office sites for island-wide recruiting reach  
  • The ability to leverage the same technical selection platforms across other locations and countries quickly and, at minimal costs.


Human capital is the key component to any business growth and expansion. We have experienced consultants available that will be able to assist you in developing strategic people solutions for your business.
Whether the challenge is rising costs of deploying human capital, high attrition rates, or lack of HR Analytics, we want to hear your challenge and your vision for the future.  Beginning with a Needs Analysis and audit, we will propose solutions to solve business challenges.  And our consultants will stay with you, rolling up their sleeves to help you implement new strategies.

How we can help

We have provided solutions for clients in the following areas:

  • Recruiting Process Assessment & Implementation
  • Job Analysis and Restructuring
  • Performance Management Process
  • Payroll Automation
  • Leadership Training
  • Employee Relations Program Design
  • Employer of Choice Strategy
  • Compensation Structure- Design and Surveys
  • Employee Engagement Survey – Design and Administration