15 Mar 2018

How to have a workplace like Google.

Every workplace has a culture. The workplace culture of a company is important as it can help to either boost or erode your company and its objectives. Workplace culture appeals to the human capital of your organization and it links with aspects such as employee engagement, happiness, productivity, attrition rate and positive recruitment efforts.

The workplace culture is the identity of the company from the employee’s perspective. Different aspects influence the culture of the organization such as how the company looks, dress code and employee engagement.

Culture plays into employee retention. Every company wants to be able to maintain their best employees, however studies show that employees are more likely to leave a company if the culture is toxic.


A strong culture fosters company loyalty and thus reduces the likelihood of turn-overs. As seen in the graph above if the work place culture is “toxic” 90% of employees are likely to leave and go elsewhere for a 20% pay raise compared to only 34% of employees if there is a very strong/positive workplace culture. Employee performance significantly improves with a positive and encouraging company culture. A high-stress environment can literally be unhealthy for employees, resulting in lower engagement and a reduction in employee loyalty in the long-term.

Creating a positive workplace culture:

Here are three steps that companies can create a positive workplace culture:

  1. Create Bonds of Trust with Employees
    People perform better and report a better work experience when they feel confident their employer supports and believes in them. It’s key to create trust that goes both ways. Employers desire employees who are working hard and producing positive results, and employees desire employers who are committed to their development and success. Employers who treat employees with respect—by listening when they bring up issues and attempting to resolve intracompany problems—create an environment of trust. A commitment by employers to create this type of bond gives employees the confidence that they matter and their opinion is welcome.
  2. Develop a Sense of Purpose with Company Goals
    Every employee wants to feel like they are a contributor to their company’s success. Employers, want to hire and retain employees who are taking an active role in the success of the organization. A Mission Statement can be created to communicate why the company exists and what demonstrates success.  This can provide a metric by which to judge performance.
  3. Self-Assessment Keeps Office Culture Running
    Once you’ve built a positive culture, you need to maintain it—just as you would maintain your office building to ensure its structural integrity. Regular meetings with employees, anonymous feedback forms, engagement surveys, and other methods of communication delivered on a systematic basis can ensure intracompany issues are resolved quickly, and that employee actions are consistent with the company’s desired goals. They can also help to identify problem areas or parts of the company culture that employees are dissatisfied with or that are causing undue stress.



Taken from

Top 3 Things for Cultivating A Positive Company Culture


05 Mar 2018

Article: Jamaica Grapples With Senior Management Gap By Debra Fraser

Jamaica Grapples with a Common Symptom of Growth: The Senior Management Gap

As Jamaica continues to make great strides in BPO, the island is reportedly experiencing a talent gap that no-one is talking about: senior management.

There’s no doubt that Jamaica is making great strides in its approach to BPO, especially when developing enough talent to fill agent, middle-management, and operational roles, but the island is reportedly experiencing a talent gap that no-one is talking about: senior management.

“There is mature talent at the middle-management level, but still a huge gap at the senior director level and up.” — Debra Fraser, CEO at Caribbean HR Solutions

“There is certainly a mature talent base in the middle-management level of HR and operations, but not so much at the senior director level and up, where there is still a huge gap,” said Debra Fraser, CEO at Caribbean HR Solutions, a Jamaican specialist firm in HR outsourcing.

Fraser and her company have been in business since August 2010, starting out with a small BPO operation in the Montego Bay area. Hailing from the BPO industry in Canada, Fraser worked with US clients before coming to Jamaica, where she has been supporting BPOs such as Sutherland, Ibex, and Concentrix with mass recruitment initiatives and HR-specific consultations.

Today, she is educating her BPO clients on the realities of the Jamaica talent pool, and helping to improve the quality of their people, whom, she says, are sometimes taken for granted, leading to an issue that has gone under the radar.

Reasons for the Gap in Senior Management

According to Fraser, one ingrained aspect of the Jamaican work culture that has caused this trend is an aging model where companies “manage down”, instead of today’s approach of serving the production line staff and empowering them in their roles as a means of motivation and retention. But the industry has since come around, and the knowledge pool is getting deeper as a result.

“In terms of people who know best practices in managing and retaining staff, it’s 100% better than it was 5 years ago,” said Fraser. “And while there has been great collaboration between the government and the industry to increase the talent pool, both in numbers and quality, no-one is really talking about the gap in leadership.”

Fraser believes that the operations manager level is “robust”, and that clients are very impressed with middle management, but also that there is simply not enough senior management talent to meet the rush of BPO growth in Jamaica.

This is clearly a real challenge, so companies are coming up with creative strategies to overcome it.

See full article at:

Jamaica Grapples with a Common Symptom of Growth: The Senior Management Gap

05 Mar 2018

3-2-1.. Go!!: Caribbean HR Solutions New Website!!

Caribbean HR Solutions starts the new year bright by launching our newly revamped website. After months of tedious and hard work, this new design has you in mind. It’s clean and uncluttered design makes visitors to the site better able to navigate and identify the services offered by CHRS.  It provides a clear image of who we are and how we can assist you in becoming who you want to be.

We encourage you to visit the new website, particularly the services page and explore the services that are offered by Caribbean HR Solutions.  With a variety of methods of communications employed with the new website (chat, leave a voicemail, call), the new website is designed with our new and prospective clients in mind ensuring that you have multiple means by which to contact us.

Start exploring our updated and added website features

  • Our Homepage
  • Services
  • BPO Center
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Stay connected with us through our social media platforms, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

When companies need HR support for their business, they call us for help.  We provide a unique approach to HR Outsourcing that allows you to focus more on developing your business.Caribbean HR Solutions is a team of experienced and certified experts in Human Resources, Executive Search, High Volume Recruiting, Training, Compensation Design, Benefits and Payroll Administration.  Providing short-term assistance to meet targets, consulting projects, or long-term outsourcing solutions, we ensure you receive a cost-effective, process-driven solution. Because we believe that Talent Matters.

01 Feb 2018

Why Outsource?

Why Outsource?

Many firms take advantage of the opportunity to outsource their HR services for the additional benefits that they receive.

  •         Saves money/Cuts Costs – Perhaps the biggest and most significant benefit that is received from outsourcing your HR functions is that it saves the firm money. The firm no longer has to hire a large amount of people that will deal with critical HR tasks while at the same time still maintaining that compliance with all employment laws.
  •         Reduces risk by ensuring compliance with employment laws – The main function of a HR company is to monitor employment policies and practices to ensure that the company and its employees remain compliant while attending to the best interests of the company.
  •         Gain Access to top-level recruiters and HR technology without the additional cost of having to invest in it – Recruiting the best talent for your company is critical and can be determinant in your company’s success or failure. Using HR firms can help your company to gain access to their talent/expertise; technology as well as industry contacts that they would have gained. This will position your company to utilize top HR expertise and skill without any additional overhead costs.
  •         Focus on core business module – Outsourcing your HR functions will allow your company to ensure that your company is able to focus on its core business while ensuring that current staff is taken care of. It allows your current HR personnel to spend more time focusing on implementing strategy while the HR firm will focus on administrative HR duties.

Studies conducted shows that outsourcing a portion of your HR services have proved to be beneficial to many companies in enhancing their business module and enhancing their success.

Top HR Functions to Outsource

  •         Recruiting
  •         Payroll
  •         Benefits Administration
  •         Compensation
  •         Performance Management
  •         Policy and Compliance
  •         Labour Relations
  •         Attendance Management


Source: http://www.professionalemployer.net