About Us

About CHRS

For the past 13 years, Caribbean HR Solutions has responded to the special requirements of our clients transforming ourselves from just executive recruiters to providing a full suite of HR solutions and services. Today we offer an array of solutions spanning Compensation Analysis, Payroll and Benefits, Contingent Agency Staffing, Service and Leadership Training Solutions, High Volume Recruiting, HR Outsourcing and Consulting.Why choose Caribbean HR Solutions? Because we understand, Your Talent Matters.

Our Goal: Your Satisfaction.

Our client referrals attest to the benefits by new Foreign Investors and local legacy companies, alike: we know HR, we know people, and we know professional service.  Our main consultants have over 20 years of experience in HR, Service, and Software-as-a-Service Industries so you can expect First World Service every time.

Mission Statement:

We are a vibrant, innovative team providing supportive services in both the local and international market place. Our secret is simple: Great people + Great technology!  Our team is comprised of the best service professionals in the industry, employing innovative technology and smart solutions to address client needs.

  • We are sought after by local and Fortune 500 companies. Clients say we are easy to work with. We pride ourselves on being the experts in the HR market place, and in delivering solutions in record time and within budget.
  • We focus on getting our people right and our data correct by leveraging world-class systems and staff trained to international standards.
  • We go out of our way to employ entrepreneurial staff who naturally balance business and service, and we reward them by being an employer of choice.

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