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Remote Employee Workforce + Nearshore Outsourcing =
CHRS Remote Workforce Solution

CHRS has taken the two most important future trends in business; Remote Workforce and Nearshore Outsourcing and turned them into a seamless and easy to deploy solution that any business can leverage to impact their bottom-line. Our Remote Workforce Solution can be used by small companies seeking as little as 3 remote roles to reduce payroll costs for bookkeeping and administrative roles and large corporations seeking 200 or more remote roles to reduce overhead and overall costs by outsourcing their entire Sales and Customer Service Departments. No matter the size of the company our Remote Workforce Solution can be leveraged to improve results and reduce costs.

Highly Skilled Talent | Increased Results | Reduced Costs 

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    Business and Remote Workforce Future

    It has been stated that the Covid19 accelerated trends that were already happening in the business workplace. One of those main trends is employees doing their work remotely. Employees returning entirely to an office environment is not a predicted future trend. The future will be a hybrid and/or entirely remote workforce.

    The Future is Remote.

    What does this all mean for your business?

    Working remotely is a growing business trend that is here to stay. Some roles and duties will need to be kept internal. However other tasks can be done remotely by using a nearshore solutions partner like CHRS that can deliver improved company results while reducing overall business costs and overhead.

    Let's Compare Salaries (US vs Jamaica)

    “*Salary data provided by”

    CHRS Remote Workforce Solution :

    With increased minimum wages across North America, it’s never been more crucial to access international lower cost labour pools. With our Remote Workforce Solution, you can quickly establish a remote team reporting to your in-house leaders with easy set-up and deployment. Use our Remote Workforce Solution to get a competitive edge over competitors, be able to expand quickly to keep up growth and expand globally to take advantage of lower wage cost.

    With CHRS Remote Workforce Solution you will receive all the benefits of a full managed turn-key Nearshore Program. With none of the hassle and risks of setting up the Program yourself!

    Our CHRS Remote Workforce is a Turnkey Solution that delivers :

    Fully Customized Solution | Easy Deployment | Substantial Saving

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    What Clients Say:

    When we were looking for a remote solution in Jamaica, Caribbean HR Solutions were ready and fully equipped to assist us as a people solutions partner. They hire fast and are able to support my remote team of line staff and management staff. These guys are awesome!

    - Oliver Cooke

    PMP | Business Manager | Waldorf Women’s Care Gynecology and Aesthetics

    When we met with CHRS, we were thoroughly impressed and it was the best decision we made. We have been extremely successful and this would not be so without their help. When COVID hit, we explored their remote workforce option. They handled all the staffing, hardware, working through government policies, helping us understand the tax laws etc. We would not have started this fast and seamlessly without their help.

    - Dom Granato

    Sr. Director Of Customer Experience | Build-A-Sign

    Thank you CHRS for finding such great Executive Level candidates. Your insights, external viewpoint, and willingness to challenge us on our own assumptions, you made the process much faster and more effective than I would have ever anticipated.  We could never have done it without you!

    Teri Vigneux

    Executive Director KPMG

    We are very pleased! Caribbean HR Solutions provided professional and efficient recruiters; they seamlessly integrated their process with our recruiting and assessment applications which helped us to hit our fast-ramp timelines and source quality candidates.

    - Leonard Padron

    VP Startek

    Their team has a track record and standard processes that compliments our own approach and their knowledge of the Jamaican labour market made the process of hiring 300+ service reps feel very much like a turnkey service.

    - Jeff Bishop

    IBEX JAMAICA (Now CEO Tritel)

    Fully Customized You Remote Workforce Solution

    At CHRS we can fully customize your Remote Workforce Solution to meet your companies reporting and transparency requirements. If your have internal SOPs or other processes that must be replicated and followed by your Jamaican Workforce, you have the option for CHRS to fully customise your Remote Workforce Solution around these requirements. They may include:

    • Full Productive Reports
    • Full Attendance Reports
    • Full Compliance Reports
    • Summarised Activity Reports
    • HRMS
    • Ticketing System Access
    • And much more…

    Our Simple Process to Deployment

    At CHRS, we are process-driven and we have a simple and straight-forward process to help you set-up your Remote Workforce Team as quickly as possible.

    Discovery : Our team schedules the initial discovery call. From the intake call we gain an understanding of your business and business process and collect job descriptions.
    Customization : Our team analyzes JD, business model and processes and customizes a program with the appropriate headcount and staff skill level. This is presented in a proposal for sign-off to start the program.
    Recruiting : Upon sign-off our recruiting team starts the hiring process for your staff. This may include advertising positions, skill testing, scheduling interviews, reference checks and hiring the candidates.
    Onboarding : Once a candidate has been selected, our HR team will initiate the onboarding process which includesissuing and collection of offer letters, benefits enrollment, orientation, distribute hardwareetc.
    Training : Once your team has been fully onboarded, all training will be conducted via Zoom. You train them on your company, business process and using your internal communication and workflow tools.
    Monitoring : Once your staff is fully in place and working, you will have access to as much or as little detailed reporting you require. This can be as simple as a once-a-month activity report up to 5- minute screen-shots of all staff activity.

    Our Optional Remote Workforce Technologies

    Once your Remote Workforce Team is ready to be deployed and start working, we are able to support you with hardware, internet and monitoring options to ensure your team is a success.

    At CHRS we can provide you with all the hardware options that you need to ensure your Remote Workforce Team is fully equipped to effectively do the job and be successful. We can provide you with 3 hardware options to best suit your budget and business needs:
    Option A: Team brings their own computer
    Option B: We supply the computer
    Option C: You supply the computer

    Do you want to provide your Remote Team with an extra level of business class internet connection to their home? CHRS has partnered with Flow (C & W Business) to offer their Distributed Workforce business class internet connection with improved bandwidth, monitoring and support to your Remote Workforce Team members homes. With their Distributed Workforce, get reliable internet to your Remote Workforce Team and be able to guarantee user productivity remotely while maintaining security and improve visibility of your staff.

    Need full activity monitoring and reporting of your Remote Workforce Team to meet internal and external compliance requirements? CHRS has partnered with top vendors to offer you seamless detailed activity monitoring and reporting for your entire Remote Workforce Team. Your ongoing monitoring could include automatic screenshots every 5 mins, keystrokes and other user activity monitoring, full employee time and project tracking and so much more!

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    Still thinking about doing outsourcing yourself ?

    Consider these factors:

    • Air transportation and hotel costs to travel to and from Jamaica to properly register and set up your company.
    • The red tape and time of registering and setting up a business in Jamaica.
    • Securing a business TRN and meeting the requirements to setup a bank account in Jamaica.
    • If you’re not doing a work-from-home model; the costs and expense of securing a suitable office space and building out the office and expensive ongoing monthly lease.
    • The expense and tough logistics of securing, shipping, and deploying computer equipment and hardware to your staff.

    The complex process for hiring a remote team that might include:

    PLUS: Once your staff has been hired: dealing with their ongoing issues with payroll and taxes, benefits administration. In addition, if there are any performance or offboarding issues they must be handled to correctly to eliminate any costly liability with the Jamaican Ministry of Labour Board.

    With our CHRS Remote Workforce Solution we handle everything to ensure your company and Remote Staff success!

    Call us at 1.416.646.9720 ext 100 for more information this option.
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