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As the experts in HR solutions for BPO centres, we provide a full-suite of support services for new investors in the BPO space. Beginning with Compensation Survey and Pay-scale design and leadership recruiting and temporary office incubation, we assist BPO firms with getting off the ground fast! Our High-volume Agent recruiting program has assisted both large and small firms to find Customers Service, Sales, and Technical Support staff in a short-time frame using an organized approach. We have hired 500 staff in as little as 6 weeks from launch! Building Employee Handbooks, HR policy and SOPs, Visa applications are just a few of the other services we offer to ensure a successful BPO launch!

Current BPO Operator?

As the Caribbean’s BPO landscape continues to mature, so do the needs of our clients who are burgeoning with new growth.  The following services are customized to provide support to growing centers:

Just-In-Time Temporary Recruiters.  When your new client needs you to hire Now and hire Fast there is no time to begin the search for new recruiters.  Leverage our Temporary BPO Recruiters who can help you fill your short-term recruiting demand.  Our recruiters have BPO experience and understand the Agent Hiring Process, ATS systems, skills testing and recruiting cycle, to help you meet your ramp targets fast.  We have assisted clients hiring for AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, and a wide range of client projects.   

Running out of space for recruiters?  Our team can operate remotely from our recruiting center, and have also ran off-site hiring labs and job fairs in public venues – we do whatever it takes to hire the staff to hit your numbers!

BPO Clients that we have served: 

How we help

We provide extra assistance only when you need it so you can keep the size of your in-house recruiting team at an efficient minimum.

  • Training
    Need to provide refresher training? Our trainers and training partners provide Customer Service, Sales, and Call-handling training to BPO providers requiring assistance in training new Hires, Agents, and Team Leads.  Training certificates from our Training body, as well as from the government training institution HEART Trust NTA provide participants with marketable credentials that help you sell your workforce to new clients.  Courses are offered on-site and in our training center.
  • HR Outsourcing
    With the rising costs of local HR Expertise, the demand for outsourcing HR solutions continues to grow.  Our rich expertise in leveraging technology coupled with our Service Professionalism allows us to customize solutions that keep your costs low and Service quality high! Our clients have used the following services:

  • Payroll and Benefits Administration:  Relieve your management team of the burden of managing large payrolls and benefits administrative tasks.  Let our Payroll And Benefits team manage the process for you.  Our solutions include time and attendance solutions, self-service portals, detailed reports and dashboards, and 24-hour toll-free employee support lines ensure your staff are cared for and you have transparent insight into all activities.
  • HR Consulting:  Need an HR Manager or HR Expert?  We supply HR staff on a contingent basis, for both long and short-term contracts.  These HR professionals create and administer your HR program while working from your site, or, if space is a constraint, they provide HR remote service, visiting your site as scheduled.   With our creative, flexible solutions, the possibilities are endless!

BPO new to Jamaica/Caribbean

Having expertise serving both Captive and Third Party centers, large and small, our services are geared to meet the common Market Entry needs:

  • Due Diligence in Labour Market – Compensation and Talent Strategy Design.  Before you enter a new market, provide us with your job profiles, and we’ll do the market research to answer common questions: Can we find this talent here?  How many can we hire over our time frame? What companies and industries will feed our Labour pool? What educational levels match our profile?  What are salary, benefits, and tax costs?  What Labour laws will impact our production and costs structure?
  • Site Selection & Incubation Service.
    Our in-house incubator has served as the initial, temporary home for several clients enabling them to start smaller teams while searching for larger facilities.  Or if you are starting on a large scale, let us refer you to our partners who can help you find available space fast.
  • Management Team Recruiting. Leverage our robust recruiting network and headhunting service to assemble a high-powered, engaged Leadership team! Let us source, screen, test and select the leaders who will drive your center’s production and profitability, including: Site Director, Operations Manager, HR Manager, Training Manager, IT Manager, Controller, Team Supervisors, QA Manager and Facilities Manager roles.


We can help

  • Production Staff recruiting.
    Our High-volume Agent recruiting program has assisted both large and small firms to find customers service, sales, and technical support staff in a short-time frame using an organized approach. Share your ramp plans with our Mass Recruiting team, and we will structure an outreach campaign to fill your seats fast! We have hired 500 staff in as little as 6 weeks from launch! Our process:- Creative Ad Campaign. including social media, online job boards, print ads and Job Fairs
    Telephone and Live Interviews. Conducted through Recruiting Center on your site. Receive daily reports on the number of applicants and number of ‘passes’.
    Assessment Centre. Our skills and psychometric testing platforms ensure agents selected have the required data entry, services, and sales skills needed for your customer-facing positions.
    Background Checks. Leverage our team and our partners to ensure your employees have passed background, criminal background, work experience, credentials, credit, and substance-use checks, so you can have confidence in your employee’s skills and background.
  • HR, Payroll & Benefits Administration
    Let us set-up your HR processes. Beginning with building your company Handbook, we will consult with your in-house Management to construct local policies, value and mission statements that fit with your Global brand. Using our network of brokers and benefit providers, customize your benefits offerings to ensure you are offering a competitive, cost-effective package. Leverage the discounts offered to our clientele. Our payroll service ensures that high-volume payrolls are done correctly the first time; all payroll taxes and statutory payments are administered and paid over to local government entities. Experience the clarity and preciseness of our payroll reports, electronic pay stubs, and time & attendance solutions.
    Building Employee Handbooks, HR policy and SOPs, Visa applications are just a few of the other services we offer to ensure a successful BPO launch!
  • Employer Branding & Satisfaction Surveys.
    Let us survey your employees so that you can see Engagement levels at-a-glance. Our surveys are customized to measure Key Engagement Indicators so that you can better predict your attrition and retention levels across your staff pools.
    We will help you assess your Work Environment Differentiators and get your message out! A strong Employer Brand is the key to attracting better staff. Let our experts help define your value proposition in words, videos, and media print so you can create an impact in the market!

JamPro and CHRS

Since inception, Caribbean HR Solutions has worked in sync with JAMPRO (Jamaica Investment Promotion) to provide support to new investors entering the business landscape of Jamaica.  CHRS has provided JAMPRO’s clients with a wide array of Market Entry services including assistance with Visa procurement, incubation space, customized Compensation Survey and Design, HR Outsourcing,  Executive and Production Staff hiring, Handbook Policy Development, and HR Consultancy. Both agencies work towards the same goal: providing a seamless process for new companies entering the market, doing whatever it takes to ensure investments are successful.

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