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Thank you CHRS for finding such great Executive Level candidates. Your insights, external viewpoint, and willingness to challenge us on our own assumptions, you made the process much faster and more effective than I would have ever anticipated. We could never have done it without you!

Terry from KPMG

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“We are very pleased! Caribbean HR Solutions provided professional and efficient recruiters; they seamlessly integrated their process with our recruiting and assessment applications which helped us to hit our fast-ramp timelines and source quality candidates.”

“Caribbean HR Solutions is the “Go To” if ever you need support to recruit for a massive ramp. They Always come through!”

“Professionals that really understand what the Employer is looking for and really delivers on sending qualified Applicant profiles”

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As the experts in HR solutions for BPO centers, we provide a full-suite of support services for new investors in the BPO space.  Our Lead Consultants have 20 years of experience working with the leading Contact Centre organizations who have entered the Caribbean market including Sutherland Global, Ibex Global, Startek, and Concentrix.  We also have assisted numerous smaller BPO organizations in opening niche, competitive operations.  

A few of the BPO we have served:

As the Caribbean’s BPO landscape continues to mature, so do the needs of our clients who are burgeoning with new growth.  The following services are customized to provide support to growing centers:

  • Just-In-Time Temporary Recruiters.  Leverage our Temporary BPO Recruiters who can help you fill your short-term recruiting demand
  • Training: Our trainers and training partners provide Customer Service, Sales, and Call-handling training to BPO providers requiring assistance in training new Hires, Agents, and Team Leads.

  • HRO Outsourcing:  Our rich expertise in leveraging technology coupled with our Service Professionalism allows us to customize solutions that keep your costs low and Service quality high!

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Beginning with Compensation Survey and Pay-scale design, and leadership recruiting and temporary office incubation, we assist BPO firms with getting on the ground fast! Our High-volume Agent Recruiting program has assisted both large and small firms to find Customer Service, Sales, and Technical Support staff in a short time frame using an organized approach. We have hired 500 staff in as little as 6 weeks from launch! Building Employee Handbooks, HR policy and SOPs, Visa applications are just a few of the other services we offer to ensure a successful BPO launch!

  • Due Diligence: Labour Market – Compensation and Talent Strategy Design. Before you enter a new market, provide us with your job profiles, and we’ll do the market research to answer common questions: Can we find this talent here?
  • Site Selection & Incubation Service: Our in-house incubator has served as the initial, temporary home for several clients, enabling them to start smaller teams while searching for larger facilities.
  • Management Team Recruiting: Leverage our robust recruiting network and headhunting service to assemble a high-powered, engaged Leadership team!


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