Complete HRO / EOR / POE Solutions

We Deliver Efficient, Flexible & Affordable HR Outsourcing Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Needs.

Our Complete HRO, EOR and PEO Services Covers 3 Cross-Functional Areas

It doesn’t matter which flavor of outsourced HR service you are looking for; Human Resourcing Outsourcing (HRO), Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employer Organization (PEO), you can depend on our HR experts to manage your payroll, administer your benefits, and provide comprehensive HR services while you focus on increasing your business.

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    We deliver a robust HR program utilizing best-in-class technology to manage employee relations, employee engagement, handling  disciplinary matters, connecting and engaging employees.  


    • Improve quality of your HR with Specialized HR talent
    • Streamline your HR processes for a more efficient HR administration
    • Reduce legal exposure with our full compliance to labour regulations
    • Reduce the administrative workload of your managers.
    • Focus more of your time and resources on matters that directly relate to the growth of your business.

    We deliver a secure, cost-effective, accurate and timely Payroll solution that is customizable for SME and Large scale processing. Our outsourced payroll service manages the calculation and administration of employee pay, taxes and remittances with a variety of options.


    • Increased Efficiency with Timekeeping and Payroll
    • More time to focus on operations while experts focus on the finer details
    • Reduced Labor Costs
    • Reduced Legal Exposure

    As a comprehensive HR Service provider, Caribbean HR Solutions manages Small medium and Large Group Medical Plans and can help you design an employee benefits package that will enable you to compete with top players in your respective industries.


    • Access to Better Employee Benefits
    • More comprehensive coverage at better prices

    Human Resource Outsourcing

    Whether you need a partial Employer of Record (EOR)  or full outsourced Professional Employer Organization (PEO) model, our HRO solution can be  fully customizable enabling you to choose the level of HR support you need. Having immediate and consistent access to our model team of HR experts will ensure your business’ success. Our HR outsourced Service effectively manages HR Programs, Payroll, and Benefits Administration.

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    How We Help

    Our HRO solution is fully customizable, all-inclusive HR service enabling you to choose how much or how little HR support you need. On the front-end, client receive solid people data and value-added HR expertise; on the back-end, staff receive accurate information and responsive, on-demand service, all within an affordable cost structure.  Our HR Outsourcing service is an All-inclusive solution that can be customized to meet your needs. It includes the following services:

    • HR Program Management via On/Off-site HR Employee Relations Officers
    • Access to our World-class recruiting team
    • Automated Payroll Administration
    • Compensation & Benefits Management

    How Our Clients Succeed

    The CHRS Client Case Study

    Client Profile
    A mid-sized company in the medical industry serving 40+ employees with offices located across multiple parishes.

    This company struggled to meet their HR needs with in-house capabilities creating a myriad of challenges:

    • low compliance with local labour legislation and legal cases with the Ministry of Labour
    • manual and incomplete employee records
    • employee handbook limited in information
    • improper/no documentation of disciplinary actions
    • gaps in leave balances and the approval process
    • manual payroll at risk of human error
    • paper-driven organization
    • manual informal performance management process


    • We implemented HR outsourcing, payroll administration and benefits administration technology and put a team of HR experts in place.
    • Our HR service center removed the burden of phone calls on current HR staff.
    • We benchmarked compliance and reviewed policies, procedures, employee manuals, and other key documentation.
    • We took over payroll administration, freeing up time and bandwidth for current staff.
    • The client redeployed existing staff to more critical projects that were delayed due to time constraints.

    Overall productivity and Efficiency improved by 50% in the first 6 months

    HR Consultancy

    Human capital is the key component to any business growth and expansion. We have experienced consultants available that will be able to assist you in developing strategic people solutions for your business.
    Whether the challenge is rising costs of deploying human capital, high attrition rates, or lack of HR Analytics, we want to hear your challenge and your vision for the future. Beginning with a Needs Analysis and audit, we will propose solutions to solve business challenges. And our consultants will stay with you, rolling up their sleeves to help you implement new strategies.

    HR Consultants

    Sensible Solutions To Tough HR Problems

    Our experienced consultants are available to help you develop strategic people solutions for your business. Whether the challenge is rising costs of deploying human capital, high attrition rates or lack of HR Analytics, we want to hear your challenge and your vision for the future.

    Why Use Caribbean HR Solutions - HR Consultants:

    • A “Team” approach to problem solving.
    • Wealth of experience tackling HR projects on large and small scale
    • HR practitioners holding LLB designation and expertise working with Employment Lawyers.
    • Our track record includes consulting for “Big Four” consulting firms and international companies with global policies.
    • Expertise in diverse industries including: finance, construction, aerospace, energy, BPO, manufacturing, telecommunications, hospitality and consumer products.
    • As 3rd party consultants we provide new perspectives that are free from any internal biases.

    How We Can Help

    We have provided solutions for clients in the following areas:

    • HR Audits & Process Improvement
    • Performance Management 
    • Payroll Automation
    • Leadership Training
    • Employee Relations & Engagement
    • Benefits Management
    • Compensation Design & Analysis
    • HRIS Systems Readiness & Implementation
    • Organizational Development
    • Recruiting Process Improvement – Assessment & Implementation
    • Job Analysis and Restructuring

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