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Finding and keeping the right staff to drive your operations can make or break your business. That’s where our team can help. Whether it’s sourcing one hard-to-find specialist or onboarding hundreds and thousands of production staff, our team is focused on ensuring you “win” the Labor game. Compensation design, Employer of Choice campaigns, Payroll and Benefits Administration, and Temporary Staffing solutions are just a few of the complimentary services we offer clients who want to keep and motivate their staff. So whether you are a small business that is new to the island or an established corporation Caribbean HR Solutions has the team of experts to take your business to the next level.

We look forward to helping you win, ‘Because Talent Matters’

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Our Services

Caribbean HR Solutions is the Caribbean's premier HR Outsourcing company specializing in Executive Search, Recruiting and High Volume Staffing, Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) and Payroll & Benefits Administration services. We provide a unique approach to HR Outsourcing that will allow you to focus more on your core business and leave the people matters to us.

Our comprehensive set of HR solutions provides support to SMEs needing HR expertise as well as large entities desirous of a full outsourced HR model.

Human Resources Outsourced

Whether you need temporary HR assistance or require a fully outsourced model.  Our HRO solution is fully customizable, all-inclusive HR service enabling you to choose how much or how little HR support you need. On the front-end, client receive solid people data and value-add HR expertise; on the back-end, staff receive accurate information and responsive, on-demand service, all within an affordable cost structure.

  • Payroll
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation

Executive Recruiting

Key personnel are always in demand and are worth their weight in gold!  However, finding top-level candidates can be difficult and time-consuming.  Let our seasoned recruiters take the hassle out of the search and ensure you find quality executive-level candidates to meet your business needs.  Whether it’s a confidential private search or a publicly-branded recruiting campaign, we find, screen, and present only Top Talent to your hiring team saving you time and money!  

  • Support Staff
  • Management
  • Executive
  • Expat Search

Employment Agency

Looking for a stable constant supply of pre-screened workers? Need to have an unrestricted supply of temporary workers that are accessible and available when you need them?  We understand that your production staff drives the revenue of your business. We are the right partner to meet your staffing needs for a variety of industries ranging from factories to service centers and engineers.

  • Fully Licensed
  • Workforce Management
  • Contract managers
  • Temporary staff

Payroll & Benefits

Whether you are looking for a solution for a small staff of 10 or outsourcing payroll processes for complex multiple sites of 500 or more employees, our payroll processes deliver high performance, accuracy and ease in accounting and payroll processing.   

From regular payroll processing to off-cycle payments, including the payment of taxes, and submission of payroll year-end reports, the end result is a consistent service to you and your employees.  With custom reporting and analytics, our Accountants and Payroll Analysts are empowered to find, analyze and process the information needed to support any growing operation.

  • Full service
  • Time and attendance
  • General ledger
  • Tax calculation

High Volume Recruiting

We apply a robust recruitment process to filling client open job requisitions via our recruiting center. Industry-leading technical solutions are implemented to both improve the quality of candidates selected as well as improve efficiency in supporting fast ramp targets. Caribbean HR Solutions also manages online and print media ads to ensure regional ‘reach’ so the best talent is recruited from across the Caribbean. Our psychometric assessments and testing centers ensure that only candidates with the right skills and personalities are selected.  In-depth interviews based on your job profiles are conducted in our center or at your site. Reference checks are completed and form part of the New Hire file for all hired staff. Security, credit, and drug screens are also made available.

  • Substantial database of existing candidates
  • On-demand skills assessment
  • Nationwide Recruiters
  • Rapid Fulfillment


Human capital is the key component to any business growth and expansion. We have experienced consultants available to assist you in developing strategic people solutions for your business.

Whether the challenge is rising costs of deploying human capital, high attrition rates, or lack of HR Analytics, we want to hear your challenge and your vision for the future. Beginning with a Needs Analysis and audit, we will propose solutions to solve business challenges. And our consultants will stay with you, rolling up their sleeves to help you implement new strategies.

  • Organization Design
  • HR Compliance Audits
  • HR Systems Optimization
  • Onboarding Design

BPO Center

CHRS Your BPO Experts

Existing BPO

As the experts in HR solutions for BPO centers, we provide a full-suite of support services for new investors in the BPO space.  Our Lead Consultants have 20 years of experience working with the leading Contact Centre organizations who have entered the Caribbean market including Sutherland Global, Ibex Global, Startek, and Concentrix.  We also have assisted numerous smaller BPO organizations in opening niche, competitive operations.  

A few of the BPO we have served:

As the Caribbean’s BPO landscape continues to mature, so do the needs of our clients who are burgeoning with new growth.  The following services are customized to provide support to growing centers:

  • Just-In-Time Temporary Recruiters.  Leverage our Temporary BPO Recruiters who can help you fill your short-term recruiting demand
  • Training: Our trainers and training partners provide Customer Service, Sales, and Call-handling training to BPO providers requiring assistance in training new Hires, Agents, and Team Leads.

  • HRO Outsourcing:  Our rich expertise in leveraging technology coupled with our Service Professionalism allows us to customize solutions that keep your costs low and Service quality high!

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Why Jamaica & CHRS


Beginning with Compensation Survey and Pay-scale design, and leadership recruiting and temporary office incubation, we assist BPO firms with getting on the ground fast! Our High-volume Agent Recruiting program has assisted both large and small firms to find Customer Service, Sales, and Technical Support staff in a short time frame using an organized approach. We have hired 500 staff in as little as 6 weeks from launch! Building Employee Handbooks, HR policy and SOPs, Visa applications are just a few of the other services we offer to ensure a successful BPO launch!

  • Due Diligence: Labour Market – Compensation and Talent Strategy Design. Before you enter a new market, provide us with your job profiles, and we’ll do the market research to answer common questions: Can we find this talent here?
  • Site Selection & Incubation Service: Our in-house incubator has served as the initial, temporary home for several clients, enabling them to start smaller teams while searching for larger facilities.
  • Management Team Recruiting: Leverage our robust recruiting network and headhunting service to assemble a high-powered, engaged Leadership team!


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BPO Clients


“When we required expertise with our talent acquisition, Caribbean HR Solutions provided professional and efficient recruiters, they seamlessly integrated their process with our electronic recruiting and assessment applications which helped us to hit our fast-ramp timelines and source quality candidates…We are very pleased”.

“Caribbean HR Solutions is the “Go To” if ever you need support to recruit for a massive ramp. They Always come through!”

“Professionals that really understand what the Employer is looking for and really delivers on sending qualified Applicant profiles”

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