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30 Aug 2018

Why should I use an executive recruiter or an executive recruiting firm?

Many companies take advantage of the services offered by executive recruiters and executive recruiting firms to aid them in finding high-level candidates. Executive recruiters are skilled specialists in the recruiting field who can find and fill those critical management level positions. But why should I use an executive recruiting firm to fill my executive level roles?

Here are four reasons you should use the services of an executive recruiter or an executive recruiting firm.

  • Executive Recruiters have a network of contacts

Executive level candidates are scarce and the positions are usually hard to fill. Why? Many executive level candidates are not actively job-hunting. They are typically already gainfully employed and might not be thinking about a new job. This thus not mean, however, that these candidates would not be open to a new opportunity. They would be open the opportunity was available. In-house human resource departments have a limited number of contacts when compared to a wide net that is available to an executive recruiter. Executive recruiters know what is happening in the employment marketplace and the client’s industry and are better positioned to make calls and contact with the right candidates for the role.

  • Executive Recruiters weed out the “Bad” candidates

Once you post a job advertisement, be prepared to be bombarded with many unqualified candidates that will email, call or message on LinkedIn at the office. No matter the method that is chosen, the one thing that is in common with these persons is that they are not qualified for the job. Your company’s HR department being occupied with the influx of resumes and applications will struggle in making any substantial progress in its search for qualified candidates in addition to keeping up with their everyday tasks. The Executive Recruiters will trim and narrow down all applicants that have applied, and provide you with the three best-qualified candidates for the role.

  • Executive Recruiters are Confidential

Some job openings that are available for organizations can leave them particularly vulnerable, thus requiring a certain level of confidentiality when filling that role. Whether it is an existing position that is to be filled or a newly created position due to a new market opportunity, the process must be kept confidential from either the existing job holder or from the client’s competitors. This confidentiality is important in keeping everyone unaware of any management shake-ups, new products or new market initiatives. Search consultants value the highly sensitive information they become privy to during the search process. They are acutely aware and respectful of their client’s vulnerability which would be reflected in the recruitment process from advertising to screening.

  • Executive Recruiters save Time and Money

Steve Viscusi in his blog identified that “the benefit of using an executive search firm can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an advertisement/recruitment campaign, screening and qualifying candidates, and operating without a needed employee for an extended length of time compared to the relative insurance of getting the right person for the job.” As discussed before your company’s HR department can be filled with resumes and applications taking time away from everyday tasks.  Mark Wayman in his blog post asks these critical questions “Would you rather run the business or sort through the resumes of unqualified candidates? Is it worth it to have an Executive Recruiter save you a hundred hours of interview time by providing the three best candidates? If you hire the wrong person on your own and they leave after six months, how much does that cost? In the long run, it is more cost-effective to hire the right person the first time around.” Using executive are an investment in the improvement of the quality of an organization’s managerial personnel and thus an improvement in the organization’s productivity.

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