The Cost of Payroll Errors

The Cost of Payroll Errors

Processing payroll is a critical aspect to your company. Employees want to assured that payroll is being properly calculated and that they are paid on time or production can be affected. There are many ways both indirectly and directly that payroll errors can prove to be costly for your company. Here are a few

Time (Labour) spent on correcting errors

Every payroll error that is made MUST be corrected. The payroll has to be accurate for taxation and recording purposes. The employee must be paid what they are due. That means that the time that that employee could have been doing something else is now spent correcting errors which in some cases can take more time to do that than the payroll had initially taken.

Interest and Penalties From Payroll Errors

It is important to ensure that your payroll calculations are in compliance with the law. Failure to do so can result in interest and additional penalties being enforced by the government.

Loss of Employee Trust due to late or short payments

Employees expect to be paid accurately and on time. When paychecks are late or short they will affect the lives of the employees. Employees will become dissatisfied with the company which can result in lower productivity and absence.

Cost of rehiring due to payroll error turnover

When payroll errors occur, particularly when they occur more than once, some employees will decide to leave the company. Companies must at that point seek to replace these employees which will incur additional costs in recruiting, interviewing and training.


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